International Symposium on Plant...

International Symposium on Plant

Receptor Kinases and Cell Signaling 2019

June 21-23, 2019 Beijing, China


June 21, 2019

13:00 - 21:00 Registration

18:00 - 20:00 Dinner (Heyuan Restaurant)


June 22, 2019

8:30-8:45, Opening remarks (Host, Jian-Min Zhou)

Lizhe An, The president of Beijing Forestry University


Session I, Signals and Receptors

Session chairperson: Yoshikatsu Matsubayashi

8:45-9:10, Yoshikatsu Matsubayashi

Receptor kinase signaling in plants: from peptide ligand identification to non-peptide antagonist development. 

9:10-9:35, Jijie Chai

GPI-anchored proteins functions as primary receptors of RALFs.

9:35-10:05, Photo Session and Coffee Break

10:05-10:30, Cyril Zipfel

FERONIA and the regulation of receptor kinase-mediated signaling.

10:30-10:55, Eugenia Russinova

Endocytosis of brassinosteroid receptor, what can we learn more?

10:55-11:20, Jinxing Lin

Single-molecule analysis in living Arabidopsis cells reveals Flotillin-associated membrane

microdomains are crucial for FLS2-mediated signaling

11:20-11:35, Alberto P. Macho

An immune receptor complex evolved to perceive the polymorphic flagellin from

Ralstonia solanacearum.

11:35-11:50, Satohiro Okuda

Mechanistic insight into CIF peptides binding on SGN3 receptor and signaling activation in Casparian strip formation.

11:50-13:30, Lunch (Heyuan Restaurant)


Session II, Growth and development

Session chairperson: Libo Shan

13:30-13:55, Herman Höfte

The role of cell wall integrity signaling in growth regulation.

13:55-14:20, Zhenbiao Yang

Regulation of mechanical responses in plants by pectin-associated receptor kinases.

14:20-14:45, Libo Shan

The regulation and signaling mechanisms of the cell surface receptor-like kinase

complexes in plant immunity and growth.

14:45-15:10, Chun-Ming Liu (Abstract attached)

A CLE25 peptide and CLERK/CLV2 receptor signaling network regulating the initiation of phloem formation in Arabidopsis

15:10-15:25, Cao Xu (Page40)
Evolution of buffering in a genetic circuit controlling plant stem cell proliferation.

15:25-15:45, Coffee Break


Session III, Reproduction

Session chairperson: Ueli Grossniklaus

15:45-16:10, Ueli Grossniklaus (Page 16)

CrRLK1L-Mediated Signaling during Plant Reproduction

16:10-16:35, Testsuya Higashiyama

Receptor-like kinases in plant reproduction

16:35-17:00, Weihua Tang

Kinase partner protein KPP along with LePRKs control pollen tube growth.

17:00-17:15, Xiaoping Gou

SERK family receptor kinases regulate cuticle development during embryogenesis in


17:15-17:40, Li-Jia Qu

AtLURE1/PRK6-mediated signaling controls conspecific pollen precedence in Arabidopsis thaliana.

18:00, Dinner (Heyuan Restaurant)


June 23, 2019

Session IV, Plant-microbe interactions

Session chairperson: Jia Li

8:30-8:55, Gary Stacey

Phosphorylation of RIN4 links symbiotic signaling and innate immunity during legume


8:55-9:20, Yuanchao Wang

Dissecting the molecular interactions between Phytophthora-plant in the apoplastic


9:20-9:45, Feng Feng

Nutrient regulation of plant perception and engagement with microorganisms.

9:45-10:00, Fang Xie

Actin-mediated direction of infection threads tip growth by GEF-ROP module in Lotus japonicus.

10:00-10:20, Coffee Break

10:20-10:45, Dingzhong Tang

The role of Arabidopsis RECEPTOR-LIKE KINASE 902 in plant immunit.

10:45-11:10, Jia Li

Receptor-like protein kinase BAK1 coordinates pathogen-associated molecular pattern-triggered immunity and effector-triggered immunity in plants.

11:10-11:25, Yusuke Saijo

Pattern recognition receptors confer direct apoplastic resistance against bacterial water acquisition in plants.

11:25-11:40, Tao Zhong

ZmWAK-RLK, a receptor like kinase confers quantitative resistance to gray leaf spot in maize.

11:40-11:55, Yan Wang

Plant recognition of Phytophthora PAMP XEG1.

11:55-13:30, Lunch (Heyuan Restaurant)


Session V, Abiotic stresses

Session chairperson: Shuhua Yang

13:30-13:55, Kang Chong

OsCIPK7 point-mutation leads to conformation and kinase-activity change for sensing cold response

13:55-14:20, Richard Dixon

Lignin modification activates signaling pathways for defense gene expression.

14:20-14:55, Shuhua Yang

Molecular regulation of freezing tolerance by phosphorylation in Arabidopsis.

14:55-15:10, Masako Fuji

Damage-associated immunomodulatory OsPep peptides influence root system architecture and root-associated microbiome in rice.

15:10-15:25 Dongdong Li (Page17)
The ethylene precursor, ACC, itself may function as a plant hormone in the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha.

15:25-15:45, Coffee Break


Session VI, Signaling mechanisms

Session chairperson: José Feijó

15:45-16:10, Weicai Yang

Control of zygotic development by LRR-RLK signaling in Arabidopsis.

16:10-16:35, Xuelu Wang (Page35)
The negative regulation and activation of RLKs by BKI1 and BKLs in plants.

16:35-17:00, Jian-Min Zhou

BIK1-mediated immune regulation.

17:00-17:15, Tongda Xu

TMK1-mediated novel auxin signaling in plants.

17:15-17:40, José Feijó

Ion homeostasis and the control of apical growth: molecular basis and integrative


17:40-17:50, Closing remarks

18:00 Dinner (Heyuan Restaurant)

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